The Embrace of Aging: The Male Perspective Film Premier and
ProMedica Panel Discussion in Toledo, Ohio 7.24.13

The “Embrace of Aging” series is drawing ever closer to airing on Detroit Public Access television this October. On the 24th of July; title presenting sponsor ProMedica based out of Toledo, Ohio, hosted a panel discussion about the aging man at the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library in the McMaster Family Center for Lifelong Learning. Three of their leading doctors were featured to discuss various aspects of aging, Co-Executive Producer Russ Ebeid spoke as did Director/Producer Keith Famie. A short preview of the men’s documentary was shown to more than 100 in attendance. It all began with an introduction from ProMedica CEO Randy Oostr. Local award-winning anchorman Jerry Anderson was the MC for the evening and he even did a few news segments live from the event as well.

The featured doctors were Frank Barone, Emmett Boyle and Roger Kruse. Frank Barone, MD, is a plastic surgeon at his practice in Toledo, led the presentations with his discussion on the importance of physical appearance and the changes to the industry. Men are visiting more and more for a variety of issues that they are having.

Dr. Emmett Boyle is an urologist, who has an office at various ProMedica Genito-Urinary Surgeons located in Ohio, he proceeded to discuss the importance of diet and exercise as it pertains to men’s bladder and prostate health. According to him, “there are patients that have me on speed dial.”

The last presenter of the evening was Dr. Roger Kruse specializes in sports medicine focusing now on regenerative medicine, and has a long list of credentials. Currently he is the head doctor at the University of Toledo. His focus was on the advancements in regenerative medicine and how that relates to men’s overall health.

Common themes were exercise, diet and no smoking for healthy living. As for exercise, they also agreed that individuals must work out at least four days each week of strength and high-intensity training. It is also important to build it into your daily routine. Each doctor brought a sense of humor to his presentation as well.

When the evening concluded you could hear the conversations as the men were discussing how they could lead longer, healthier lives.