Cryonics Institute


If you really want to step into the future, then sit down and have a conversation with David Ettinger, A 60 year old practicing attorney, whose father founded the Cryonics Institute in Clinton Twp., MI.

It’s here that the vision of the now deceased Robert Ettinger can be realized.

In a brief understanding of what the 107 people who are suspended in a frozen state hope to experience is the ability to be brought back to life once future medical technology allows.

It’s a simple philosophy that the cryonics believe; their patients hope to be healed, rejuvenated, revived and awakened to a greatly extended life in good health free from disease or the aging process.  When?  No one really knows.

You can bet that Mr. Robert Ettinger will be first in line.  The 92-year old recently passed away and you can be assured his son David made sure his dad was quickly placed in this state of nitrogen suspension.

If you think about it, what have you got to lose?

Most of us may never see this come to be in our lifetime.  But, as David puts it: “man was never supposed to fly, walk on the moon or even have something called the ‘internet.’  So, time will tell.”

Needless to say, this interview with David will be a great addition to our film about aging and how some choose to roll the dice and in hopes of coming back to live again.