Giuliano Zuccato - 80 years young

When in the presence of 80-year old, Venice-born sculpturist Giuliano Zuccato, it’s hard not to learn something.  The conversation may be about opera and the significance it has to mankind or how to make a perfect espresso. 

You may find yourself in awe as he meticulously sculpts away at a recent request of a friend, capturing his likeness for his family to have long after he is gone.

Giuliano is a renaissance man. 

Living alone at 80, but far from being lonely, he has a vast network of friends who recently were invited to attend a masked ball that he hosted to celebrate youth and at the same time, pay homage to one of his great passions...the Bellini Opera Theatre.

At this recent gala at his home guests were invited to this ball, only to find themselves surrounded by Sopranos Eva Evola, Elena Repnikova, Karin White, Mezzo Soprano Leah Dexter, Tenor Giuseppe Delena, Baritone Dino Valle and Pianist Jacqueline Csurgai Schmitt.

The evening concluded with ballroom dancing, only after Giuliano graced the dance floor with his presence and style, and his mysterious lady in red.

I think it’s safe to say Giuliano is embracing aging just fine.