Author Larry Rosenberg, Founder Cambridge Meditation Insight Institute

To spend time in the presence of Larry (“stop calling me sir,” he says), the 79-year ‘young’ one-time professor from Harvard, set out on a spiritual quest to fully understand the Buddha teaching principals of life, living, growing old and dying.

Larry received a Ph.D in social psychology from the University of Chicago, then taught and did research at Harvard Medical School, University of Chicago, and Brandeis University, before setting out to study the Buddha's teaching in Korea, Japan, Thailand and India.

He has written two critically-acclaimed books Living In The Light of Death and
Breath by Breath.

Larry now teaches at the Cambridge Insight Meditation Institute in Cambridge, MA.  The four-story renovated home was the vision of Larry’s.  There is no question once you’re in his presence and at the center, you feel both alive and at peace.

Larry’s thoughts on aging and living are so poignant for this film.  We then went to his home to experience his man cave like no other...a private meditation room.

We are honored to have Larry in our film; a man with great wisdom about living life.