He’s 102...Superman
Joe Guggino

Ok, so the thought of living into your hundreds may not be your cup of tea. But, what if you can still live on your own, play an instrument, crack sarcastic jokes and truly enjoy living?

Well, that’s exactly what Joe Guggino is doing.  Born in the year of 1910 (yep, that makes him 102).  His son, Dr. Guggino, and I ran into each other at a cigar event hosted by the Fuente family in Tampa.  I was the guest of Bobby Newman, Executive V.P. of J.C. Newman Cigar Co. in Tampa, FL.

The subject of why I was in Tampa filming came up and Dr. Guggino boastfully bragged about his dad, “He’s a freak of nature, I tell you!”  I wasted no time in asking if I could come to his dad’s house the next day.

I would find Joe comfortably sitting, watching a football game.  Without hesitation and very little help from his son, he came outside.  We talked about life and death, he played the clarinet, openly told us that he doesn’t chase women anymore – he runs from them. 

He still seemed a little irritated that, at 100, he had to stop driving.  They told him if he wanted to continue driving it would cost him $75 a month and if he gets into an accident, it would automatically be his fault.

Joe’s health is great. His son tells us he takes a high blood pressure pill when he needs it.  Joe made sure we understood that a diet full of fruits and vegetables was very important.
He has big strong hands from years working on the railroad.  His infectious smile and witty sense of humor is a clear sign of a positive attitude that just may be one of the most important components to staying young.

You have to wonder, how does a 102-year old spend his days if he’s healthy and not confined to a wheelchair in a nursing home?  Well, Joe has a workbench outside.  It’s here that he takes things apart, and works on building all kinds of things such as light fixtures and radios.

I would have to say Joe might be one of the most extraordinary men I’ve met.  Sadly, I only had a short period of time to spend with him.

Good luck, Joe.  You’re an inspiration to us all.