The Working Man’s Man Cave – Bobby Newman
J.C. Newman Cigar Co.

Bobby Newman’s wife will quickly tell you that Bobby spends more time at his office than at home.

It’s not a surprise that Bobby, the 61-year old, who is responsible for running the 100+ year old family business – J.C. Newman Cigar Co. - with his brother Eric, puts a great deal of time in his office, or rather what he proudly calls it – his man cave.

Out of all the man caves I’ve been in, this is the only one where an exuberant man’s best friend shares the cave.  Her name is Jeannie. 

While Bobby’s main focus is the J.C. Newman Cigar Co., his passion and respect for our military runs deep red, white and blue, and Jeannie, a blonde Labrador, is proof of this.

Bobby has dedicated much of his personal and business time to Paws For Vets in southeastern U.S.  Jeannie, his 3-year old working canine who, due to hip dysplasia can’t work, but travels with Bobby to main events, as well as being his close companion and protector of the man cave.

It’s hard to miss the aromas of fresh tobacco that come from the historical production area floors above Bobby’s office.  Besides the production of the custom-rolled award winning J.C. Newman Cigars, Bobby and his brother Eric proudly help distribute and market the internationally acclaimed Fuente cigars from the Dominican Republic.

When the two families are not distributing their world-class cigars, they are collaborating on a wonderful children’s village in the Dominican Republic, bringing opportunities to kids who may never have a shot at education.  The Cigar Family Charitable Foundation has transformed 23-acres of land into a community that affects the lives of children from preschool to 12th grade.

We are thrilled to have Bobby and his man cave a part of our film.