Love Your Knees – Dr. Sidney Martin

Us guys have a tendency to take all aspects of our body for granted until something goes terribly wrong. Depending on lifestyles and genetics, arthritis can find its way into our daily routine as we grow older.  So, we learn to deal with the aches and pains. 

As time goes on, some of us will lose our ability to be active or in several cases, simple walking will become impossible due to pain. This inability to walk can create a downward spiral effect due to poor health.  Not being able to maintain a healthy lifestyle will quickly cause weight gain, which affects your cardio vascular system as well as several other metabolic issues.

So, what can a guy do if his knees are riddled with arthritis and taking pain killers doesn’t work?  Is there another choice?

Fortunately in today’s world of advanced treatment, a knee replacement with custom-created knees or hips will become a lifesaver.

Meet Dr. Sidney Martin, a three-time Iraq/Afghanistan military tour Air Force National Guard orthopedic surgeon who has had the distinct opportunity to have performed countless hip and knee surgeries on men and women over the years, both in the combat field and clinical environment.  It was on this particular day that Dr. Martin would undergo his own knee surgery performed by his mentor and partner, Dr. Norman Walter The surgery would take place at the Hurley Hospital in Flint, MI. 

How far has this type of surgery come?  That’s what I was able to find out.  Through the incredible new technology of Biomet, Inc. doctors are now able to create a 3-D model of the patient’s deteriorated joints – in this case, Dr. Martin’s knee.

They then use this 3-D model in the O.R. to make the final decision on what part of the patient’s bone needs to be replaced.  Once the bone is removed, the new piece can be precisely locked into place.  This state-of-the-art advancement by Biomet gives a person the mobility they need to live a healthy, active life.

Ok, so they may not be able to run a marathon, but going on a bike ride, play golf or just walking with a loved one becomes part of the daily game plan.  As far as Dr. Martin, who was up and walking 2-hours after surgery, he vows to be back to work in two weeks once again, helping guys and gals get their life back on track.

Thank you, Dr. Martin, and Hurly Hospital, for allowing us to share this story with the world.