Master Chef Milos Cihelka

When you think of a retired 81-year old master chef who immigrated from Czechoslovakia many years ago at a young age, you envision this soft spoken gentleman who would be very happy on a Sunday afternoon just sitting and watching T.V.

Well, the first part is right: a quiet, soft spoken gentleman.  But, sitting on his butt watching T.V. on a beautiful autumn Sunday afternoon?  You’ll have a much better chance at seeing this extremely healthy and active 81-year old, much respected Michigan chef sitting on a perch in hopes of bagging a deer with his bow.

Much wisdom can be gained from this chef beyond cooking.  For starters, as he puts it, you have to work at staying young.  Sitting on your ass eating chocolates all day in front of the T.V. will definitely shorten your life. 

And here’s another one...

Bow hunting is the real way to hunt.  As Chef Milos says, “anyone can shoot an animal with a gun.”  Here’s a guy who eats venison twice a week, exercises daily and is proud of his legumes and vegetables he cooks regularly for his family.

He will be a great addition to our film.