Mr. Robert Nichol / Dr. Kenneth Pienta

Resident of Naples, FL, Robert Nichol and his wife Michele, one time Michiganders are allowing us to step into their very personal world of prostate cancer.

This portion of the filming will be a must-see for every man.

Robert's doctor is Dr. Kenneth Pienta, a professor of Internal Medicine and Urology; director, Urologic Oncology Program, U-M Comprehensive Cancer Center; and director, Experimental Therapeutics for the Michigan Center for Translational Pathology. He is also affiliated with the Cellular and Molecular Biology Program and the Center for Computational Medicine and Biology.

Since 1995, Pienta has been the director of the U-M Prostate Specialized Program of Research Excellence. He has a proven, peer-reviewed track record in developing a translational research program that successfully incorporates bench research, agent development, and clinical application.  He has international expertise in the development of novel chemotherapeutic programs for prostate cancer.