Dr. Richard A. Miller, Professor of Pathology, at the Geriatrics Center of Biogerentology at the Alfred Taubman Biomedics Science Research Building at the University of Michigan, is a serious guy and for good reason; his work in the field of anti-aging clearly is critical to mankind’s quest to living longer in our human bodies.

Dr. Miller does not take kindly being lumped into that category of other
anti-aging movements that promote ‘living longer.’  There are companies or
so-called ‘anti-aging gurus’ who will say if you take their product or follow their lifestyle, you will, in fact, live longer. This may be true in some cases.

Let me tell you...this is the real deal; serious research with well-based knowledge and solid common sense.

I am not a medical expert or scientist, nor do I pretend to be.  But, after my interview with Dr. Miller and his explanations of how diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, cancer and heart disease could be slowed down by way of understanding how the human body ages, would that not affect the overall ability to live longer?

So it seems to me that this once sci-fi world of the scientist searching for the right combination of understanding and medical research to anti-aging could actually help us live longer.

Here’s where it gets exciting: we are not talking about 2-4 years longer.  How about 20-30 years longer?

Needless to say, Dr. Miller ‘s interview will be a wonderful asset to this film...just wait and see.