Alzheimer’s and dementia are one of the most feared diseases an elderly person can face.  At the Goerlich Center for Alzheimer and Dementia Care, named after John and Selma Goerlich, we step into the lives of patients and family members who came to visit their loved ones.

The residents were excited to share stories of their lives and show us around their rooms.  This part of the documentary hits close to home; my father had died of Alzheimer’s a few years back.

While resident (retired) firefighter Donald reflected on his life as a fireman, the whole time talking, he had reminded me of my dad.  I really enjoyed our time together.

We had a chance to talk with Falor Dunn, who came to visit his wife, Arcula, as he does everyday.  His positive, upbeat attitude was nice to see.  You could tell he very much loves his wife.

Volunteer Yvonne Heminger, now in her 70’s, still chooses to continue to offer her caring touch to elders of her community after 17-years.