Dr. Herman Gray, President
Detroit Children’s Hospital

Dr. Herman Gray is a man who clearly knows the score of the Game of Life. 

At 62, he’s seen it all - from his grandfather, who's lost his legs to diabetes, to children who are fighting for their lives due to a disease or unfortunate accident.

When you get Dr. Gray on the subject of the aging man, you can bet he’s got a few things to say.

His thoughts on life and wellbeing as men get older is insightful.

It’s apparent that what upsets this doctor, whose life’s purpose has been dedicated to the healing of children, simply says: “We, as Americans, can make our own choices.  But if you want to be a tough guy and not care about your own health, at least care about your kids.”

Dr. Gray helps us better understand the Type II diabetes epidemic in this country, especially with our children. 

We are thrilled to have Dr. Gray a part of our film project, The Embrace of Aging.