Dr. Kim Eagle – BBQ Chef

There is no question Dr. Kim Eagle’s reputation is that of one of America’s top heart guru’s.  

The other night I had the distinct pleasure (and opportunity) to film and feast on a Mediterranean-inspired dinner prepared by doc’s lovely wife and lifelong companion, Darlene.

I wanted to film Dr. Eagle at home to show how, as a member of the aging man’s society, he approaches his daily routine once home.

First, Doc showed us how he makes sure he gets his daily 10,000 steps and then he jumped behind the grill to cook a wonderfully tender cedar plank salmon, which went great with the menu that Darlene had prepared.

Clearly the two of them have this “husband/wife” thing down solid.

What an extraordinarily pleasant evening with them both, along with their son, Taylor and friend Adam Cole.

Oh, in case you’re wondering what Taylor is going to school for? Uh…a doctor, of course!

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