Rich Hewlett – “One of Bo’s Player”

On this day we would find ourselves conducting an interview with Rich Hewlett, an attorney with the Varnum law firm.

It was 1979 and Rich was just a freshman at the University of Michigan.  He found himself as the starting quarterback for the Michigan/Ohio State game.

The lifelong relationship with Bo Schembechler would begin.

Rich did not spend a great deal of time talking about football, but more important to him was talking about the man we all knew as Bo.  Rich would help us better understand the dynamics of Bo’s personality and just how one man could be so loved and revered by so many.

We also learned that once you were part of Bo’s inner circle, it would last a lifetime.

Through interviews like the one with Rich, we learn a great deal about heart disease and what it takes to fight like a champion as Bo did for so long.