John Blair Hallett


You know how you see something and you are caught saying, “Now, that’s inspirational.”  I recently had one of those moments while riding my bike around Walled Lake, near my house. 

I was on one side of the street moving along pretty fast when I noticed on the other side of the street, an older gentleman passing me up.  Now, being passed by an older guy was not the big surprise – I’ve had that happen before – but this cyclist had one leg.

Yes, one leg!  Not only did he have to peddle (his leg is gone at the hip), but he has to balance, as well.  Being in the middle of production on The Embrace of Aging film, I viewed this scene as a great inspirational moment that I had to film for our documentary.

John turned off in one direction and I quickly turned around and chased him down.  I’m not kidding when I said I had to really push to catch him.

After I caught up with him, I explained who I was and what production I was working on.  He agreed to be filmed and do an interview with me.

John will be a great addition to the film hopefully to motivate some of the guys out there to get up and exercise their bodies – you only have one.