Mr. Al Taubman

You know the name, you’ve read about him in the news about his philanthropy donations to research, the arts, or other humanitarian efforts.  Behind this public persona is a man who, at 88, is aging gracefully, possibly because he embraces it so well.

I’m talking about Mr. Al Taubman.

“I’m not into aging, it’s just a number. I have no secret.  I’m not scared of dying…dying is a part of living”

My interview with the self-made, hard-working Michigander was humorous, insightful, and very much to the point; which is what you would expect from one of America’s most notable businessmen and supporters of medical research.

Here are some of the comments on our discussion that will be featured in our film, The Embrace of Aging, the male perspective of growing old:

“Retirement is similar to death – you’ve given up. Retiring at 65 is ridiculous.  You should work at something for the rest of your life.”

What good are you to society sitting around, reading a magazine, and being fed?  You have to give something; you have to give back in some way.”

“You have to exercise your brain; it’s a muscle, too.”

“Sedentary is another form of death.”

“I’m not a researcher but I can provide funds to others who can do it.  We are on the brink of finding the cure for cancer, Parkinson’s, and ALS.

“You have to select good parents.” (he then laughs)

“Sometimes people say to me ‘how old are you, 65?’  I know they know how old I am, they’re just trying to be nice.”

I have had the pleasure of interviewing so many people from all walks of life.  I can honestly tell you that I was nervous doing this interview.  Not only was Mr. Taubman engaging and quick-witted, but most of all, he was humble.  I can truly say that he’s a guy’s guy.  What a pleasure and an honor.

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