Giuliano Zuccato’s 80th Birthday

Turning 80 today is still a well-worth reason to celebrate, especially if you’re an Italian-born immigrant who was one of the talented creators of the original Ford Mustang, along with countless sculptures by his hand.

Being from a small town near Venice, Giuliano ‘s love for the opera flows like a fine Italian red wine through his veins.

So, you can understand how his 80th birthday would be reason to celebrate in grand style with the opera and what other way to celebrate an 80th birthday than at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island.

This majestic, 125-year old historic hotel has been a special retreat for Giuliano for the last 40-plus years. 

In the “Giuliano style,” his birthday celebration would not be just enough to have his family there, To add another dimension to occasion, Giuliano would arrange for an evening of opera for anyone who was staying at the Grand Hotel to attend.

I hope you enjoy this collection of photos from a very special birthday celebration of Mr. Giuliano Zuccato – 80 never looked so good!