Kim A. Eagle, M.D.
A. Walter Hewlett
Professor of Internal Medicine
Director of the U of M Cardiovascular Center

Recently, I had the extraordinary opportunity to spend the day with Dr. Kim Eagle, Professor of Internal Medicine at the University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center in Ann Arbor.

This humble 58-year old man put aside an entire day for one of several filming sessions we will do together.  This is a testament to just how serious he takes this film for men and their wellbeing.

Dr. Eagle is not your everyday cardiologist; this heart guru is so revered nationally that some of the most influential CEO’s place their lives in his care, including Alfred Taubman.  If you ask him out of all of his patients, over the years which one stands out, he will not hesitate to say Bo Schembechler, the legendary football coach of the University of Michigan.

Coach Schembechler had his first heart attack at the age of 39.  The fact that he made it to 77 under the care of Dr. Eagle later in his life says it all.  Together, they wrote the book The Heart of a Champion, My 37-Year War Against Heart Disease.

Our all day talk would take us down a path of vast subjects about the heart and how, as men, we can take care of this vital organ.  The very candid doc shared his own personal struggles with heart disease and how, when he turned 50, it was like a biological clock had gone off knowing he had more time behind him than in front of him.

I am certain that Dr. Kim Eagle, through his insight and passion for the heart, will be critical to this film.  He even offered a thought on exercise and death.  Simply said, “Sex is a great form of exercise – moderate, really, but good.  If you have a heart attack and die, not a bad way to go!”

With a boyish smile on his face, he says “Right.”

Thank you, Dr. Eagle.  This film will be great because of you.