Kim A. Eagle, M.D.
Professor of Internal Medicine, U of M Health System
Chief of Clinical Cardiology
Director, Cardiovascular Center

Today’s filming was the beginning of taking an in-depth approach to learning about how the heart ages and what can be done to keep it healthy.

I am excited to announce that one of the nations best heart doctors will be taking us on this journey.  He is 58-year old Dr. Kim Eagle, director of the Cardiovascular Center at the University of Michigan Health System.  

Dr. Eagle was Bo Schembelcher’s cardiologist, and if all that is not important enough, he is fighting his own personal battle with heart disease.

I had an extraordinary opportunity to sit in on a 70-minute discussion with young, medical students and Dr. Eagle, along with Dr. James Froehlich, Associate Professor of Medicine.  Together, these gentlemen made it very clear to our future caregivers, when men turn fifty a new sense of reality sets in.

They talked openly about heart health care, patient diagnosis and how emotional ups and downs can affect older people and their heart.  While the students may be unable to relate personally, they can understand as they thought about their mothers, fathers and grandparents.

In this short session, so much information was shared by these two gurus of heart care.  I found myself trying to memorize all they were saying, sometimes forgetting I was filming.

After this gathering, I was able to be in the examining room when Dr. Eagle did a routine check up on 62-year year old Larry Day.  A champion swimmer, and great all-around athlete, Larry is one of those guys who, out of nowhere, had a heart attack.

Now, under the care of Dr. Eagle, Larry has developed a new life plan.  As he said, “since my heart attack, I appreciate life so much more.”

There is no question Dr. Eagle’s thoughts and opinions in this film will be a game change for any guy who watches this.