9/11 Memorial with Drew Nieporent and Capt. Edward Mamet


September 11, 2001.  We can all remember where we were that day. 

I personally was in Kenya in the Mara with a Maasai tribe filming for a show for Food Network.  I was as far away from the horrific day’s event as you could get.  New Yorkers, on the other hand, remember and tell a dramatically different story.

Many paths would cross and, in some cases, forever be linked to that day and the weeks’ events that followed.

New York restaurateur Drew Nieporent, owner of Tribeca Grill, and many other restaurants, found himself directly at Ground Zero, or at least a few blocks away.  The day’s events would create an overwhelming number of supportive New Yorkers who dropped everything to become part of the relief effort. 

Drew was no different.  He and his restaurant team, along with other well-known chefs crafted a well-organized food feeding system for the hundreds and thousands of workers.

Captain Edward Mamet of the New York City police department, who was a friend of Drew’s, helped create this unique system that took a great deal side tracking of government red tape.  This New York City cop, along with the tenacious and charismatic restaurateur, helped spearhead food service that was badly needed on a daily basis for weeks for all of those working at Ground Zero.

Twelve years later, current day: the 9/11 Memorial is open.  Drew and Capt. Mamet agreed they would go there together for the first time.  I filmed these men as they searched for names on the monument; they talked about how those post 9/11 events changed their lives as men forever. 

Each of these men reflected on friends and associates lost that day.  The captain lost three of his men and one woman. Drew knew several people, as well, including his daughter’s soccer coach.

Also with us was Tom Rau, one of our lead supporters on this film.  One of Tom’s partners is a Michigan firefighter.  It was obvious the time here at the 9/11 memorial affected Tom, as well.

This memorial is a tribute to the sacrifice of so many.  Every American should travel to New York to pay tribute to those lost on that horrific day.

This will be part of the film “The Embrace of Aging.”  To read more about the film and to watch the trailer, please visit www.embraceofaging.com.