Stew Francke / UDetroit

Detroit has always been known for turning out talented singer/songwriters of a wide range of musical genres.

At 53, Stewart Francke and his band have to be one of the Motor City’s best-kept secret.  As Brian Pastoria, owner of U Detroit Café puts it, “Stew is to Detroit what Springsteen is to Freehold, NJ.”

Stew’s ability to light up a room no matter what size is sheer magic.  As it relates to the film The Embrace of Aging, Stew exemplifies a youthful spirit, showing he has no interest in slowing down. 

With a recent album just released titled Heartless World, and a Grammy nomination hanging out there for “Best Rock/Pop” album in the Detroit music awards, Stew is a humble, soft spoken guy’s guy whose lyrics in his music has been described as soulful/blues/rock – always introspective and reviewing of life itself.

Two of Stew’s songs, Expecting Heroes and Summer Soldier from his new album are featured in the documentary I produced called One Soldier’s Story, and click on One Soldier’s Story.

Stew will be a great addition to our The Embrace of Aging film about men.  If you ever get a chance to go see Stew in a live performance, I highly recommend it.

His band is made up of a horn section, ladies’ vocals, keyboard player, bass, and lead guitarist.  This, along with Stew’s singing, will make for a night you will not soon forget.

Check out Stew’s website