Stew Francke / Karmanos Cancer Center

Both Ronald Nydam and Michael Braga more than likely never imagined that they would find themselves on the 10th floor of the Karmanos Cancer Center in Detroit, MI.

Michael, who is from Virginia, and Ron, from Grand Rapids, were both there for bone marrow transplants.  This is the same floor that Stewart Francke was on in 1998.

Stewart now sees his Dharma or duty to visit this floor on occasion to let the patients know that he once sat there and they will survive this.

Clearly, the term “having a purpose” one bigger than oneself is easy to see unfold as their discussions flow from life issues to reactions from the chemotherapy.

Seeing Stew exchanging contact information with both of the guys, you know that in some way their paths will cross again.

As Stew reminded me, when he was in that bed, facing the unthinkable, looking at the positive future was all he had some days.

Now being able to share a smile or laugh or even a thought with these two guys just helps keep this Detroit rocker on a path of never forgetting.  Stew clearly understands the term of “having a purpose,” as he gets older.

Oh, and as you can see from the photo of the pretty medical staff surrounding him, he still is a rock star!