Bonita Springs – FL

You know the term “home away from home?”  Well, for many retired professionals from all over the country, Bonita Springs in southwest Florida is just that.

Six months out of the year, this one-time, small town residential neighborhood is an energy-filled, vibrant business district with many private, gated communities such as Bonita Bay.  It still has the small town charm - Mayor Ben Nelson makes sure of it.

While filming for the documentary The Embrace of Aging, Bonita Bay resident and supporter Bob Gillette, founder of American House Senior Living Communities, asked if I would produce a short story documentary on the people and community of Bonita Springs.  We hope to have it completed by August.

I conducted several interviews with many people and city officials.  What I walked away with is just how wonderful it is that retirees from all walks of life become so personally involved in the business/charitable organizations and the overall general welfare of Bonita Springs.

Clearly their wealth of business knowledge and leadership becomes extremely useful to the city of Bonita Springs as it continues to grow.  The Chamber of Commerce, along with the economic development embraces this knowledge and encourages anyone, especially the retirees, to open a business as they start a new chapter in their lives.

It’s important to understand today’s retired individuals – it’s not the same as years ago.  They are active leaders of the community.  I think that is why Bonita Springs enjoys having them there.

Maybe you will choose Bonita Springs next time for your vacation in the Sunshine State.  You won’t be sorry…that is a sure thing!