There is not a soul on this planet from the age of thirty-five and up who has not heard of the book Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.

I had the amazing opportunity to sit down with Dr. John Gray to gain his perspective on the aging man.  As you can imagine, his thoughts were so insightful, not only on the man but also the woman.

While Dr. Gray’s original book is still a must read, so are a few of his other books:

• Venus on Fire Mars on Ice
• Truly Mars and Venus
• Practical Miracles for Mars and Venus
• What You Feel, You Can Heal
• Children Are from Heaven

Dr. Gray’s observation and feelings about the aging man will be  a wonderful addition to our film on aging.

If you ever do get a chance to visit him, don’t be surprised if he gives you a bottle of Chinese herb capsules.  He says it with a smile, “Take it, you’ll love it.  I wake up with an erection every morning!”

That was a visual I was not ready for!

Great guy, great doc - a man who is embracing aging just fine.