Jeff Powell, 62-year old bodybuilder

Jeff Powell is what I think every guy in his 50’s would strive to be, as it relates to physical wellbeing.  He is a disciplined, well-trained physique bodybuilder.

For the last three months, he has been preparing himself for the 35th Annual NPC Novice Michigan Bodybuilding, Physique, Fitness, Figure & Bikini Championships that will take place in Rochester Hills, MI.

Unlike bodybuilding competitions, this one is for the non-flexing guy who just has to look good in a bathing suit.

Jeff knows that he is one of the oldest in this category and he’s ok with it.  The journey and newfound discipline that has prepared him for this competition, has already made him a winner.

On a Sunday morning training session at the Hamburg Fitness Center, Jeff ran into Ken Mudoon, a very much younger 42-year old bodybuilder and fellow competitor.

If you’re wondering what drives Jeff, it sure can’t hurt when you’re cheering section is led by your 92-year old father, David Powell.  He’s a guy who still lifts weights, plays golf and most importantly is his son’s best friend.

Stay tuned for the competition filming on March 17th.