Adam Stepniewski

The term “Use It or Lose It” really does have a deep rooted meaning. 

In the case of our film The Embrace of Aging, the term relates to keeping the brain active.  Not just active, as in reading or having a conversation, by example, learning to play an instrument, such as a violin.

What if your instructor was Adam Stepniewski, a member of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra?  Adam, who is from Poland, is the Assistant Principal of the Second Violin section.

His student of the last seven years is a 72-year old cardiologist, also from Poland, Dr. Edward Malinowski, from DMC Hospital, and still in private practice.

The filming and conversation will help us all understand how important it is later in life to not be shy about venturing off and learning something new, such as playing an instrument or learning how to ballroom dance, like tango.

We may not be able to step on the stage of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, but we will be able to continue to develop the brain later in life.

This production will be a very important addition to our film.