SOUTHFIELD, Mich. – Audience members are resoundingly applauding “The Embrace of Aging: The Male Perspective of Growing Old,” directed by 10-time Michigan Emmy award-winning director/producer Keith Famie, following the Sunday, February 24, 2013 world premiere.

The intimate setting of Shriners Silver Garden Events Center set the stage for the more than 500 guests – including prominent doctors, top business professionals, key community leaders, spiritual leaders and other men from all walks of life – who, like Famie, were seeking answers to the questions of ways to prolong their youth, age with dignity, maintain their health, and overall, embrace aging.

A packed reception opened the evening, with enlarged photographic production displays showcasing the men who shared their lives for the film and the behind-the-scenes journey of the film’s making. Highlighted throughout the reception was a menu comprised of healthy, creative selections ranging from kale salads to barbecue brochettes of heart-healthy salmon, which carried on into the ballroom with Raw Flax Seed bars and Garden Fresh Salsa at every ballroom table.

Emcee for the evening, Chuck Gaidica of WDIV-TV invigorated the crowd, introducing a touching performance by singer/songwriter Stewart Francke, also featured in the film, and an amusing look at aging by comedian Bill Mihalic, who has written for Jay Leno.

Kim Eagle, M.D., Director of the University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center and co-executive producers Russell Ebeid and Tom Rau addressed a captivated crowd preceding Famie’s introduction of a sneak preview for the second in his series, “The Embrace of Aging: The Female Perspective of Growing Old,” currently in production, which led into the feature presentation of the evening.

The event also highlighted the important work of the Alzheimer’s Association of Michigan and the Heart of a Champion Research Fund, created in the legacy of Coach Bo Schembechler by the University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center.

Responses to the film demonstrate that Famie clearly struck a cord with both male and female guests:

"Usually nothing is like 'being there', but Keith is no regular film maker! The way Famie was able to capture and portray our amazing experience with the longevity record setting men of Sardinia was incredible. American men AND women will love, laugh, and shed a tear about the incredible life lessons this movie 'feeds and nourishes' us with!" - Tom Rifai, M.D., Medical Director - Metabolic Nutrition & Weight Management, St. Joseph Mercy Oakland

"This is a must see film for men (and those who care about them!). Thru heart-warming testimonials, amazing scientific images and clear, concise lessons from various professionals, The Embrace of Aging has something for every member of the audience. You will not leave this film unaffected! For some, it will be life changing." – Kim Eagle, M.D., Director of the University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center

“I have been telling [my husband] for a long time now he has to get his health in order. He is always complaining about pains in his hips and back, and I try to tell him he has to eat better and exercise, but he does not want to hear it from his wife. I think this film really got to him.” – Betsy Prested

“Although I hated the brutal truth, [I’m] starting today with better livin [sic].” – Chris Kauffner

“The film premiere event last night was fabulous! It was great to watch the film in its entirety, and I look forward to watching it again as a series when it airs on PBS. We all can't wait for the next one about the women's perspective; the sneak preview was great!” – Sherry Rank, Alzheimer's Association - Greater Michigan Chapter

“I loved the selection of professionals. I especially enjoyed the four old guys in Sardinia.” – Ray DeFiore, 86

“The film was an unequivocal success at every level. Not a person in the room was left wanting for something important at an intellectual or emotional level. Keith promised in his introduction that there would be knowledge shared and emotions touched. Everyone I saw was at some point nodding their heads, alternated with a tear in their eye. Bravo.” – Don Tocco, north of 60

“To see men open up and be so real is very compelling. I could feel your heart and soul in the film, and I know it is a tribute to your dad in large part.” – Carolyn Krieger-Cohen

“Congratulations on an epic event. Your work will outlive all of us and make us ponder on how we treat our body and mind.” – Giuliano Zuccato, 80

“‘The Embrace of Aging’ documentary is such a wonderful, thoughtful, informative, nurturing and (yes, even) loving tribute to men. It captured the entire audience, touching our emotions with sad truths and happy life stories. As an active, productive, lively but aging woman, I am anxious to see what has been captured in the women's chapter.” – Helen Stanton

ProMedica Health System is the title-presenting sponsor. Other sponsors include Ebeid Hospice Residence, St. Joseph Mercy Oakland, NexCare Health Systems, American House Senior Living Communities, University of Michigan Health System, The Fairlane Club, Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 154, MediLodge Group, Rick and Joni Scherrer, Hamburg Fitness Center & Camp, John G. Kulhavi of Merrill Lynch, Medi-Mart Pharmacy, St. Mary’s of Michigan, Providers Group Insurance Agency, Stone Coop Farm, Central Michigan University, Garden Fresh Gourmet, NuStep and Biomet.

Additional theatrical premiere events are scheduled to take place in Palm Beach, Fla.; Boca Grande, Fla.; New York City; Toledo, Ohio; Flint, Mich.; The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich.; and Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant, Mich. Each will highlight or benefit a nonprofit organization dedicated to healthy aging.

“The Embrace of Aging: The Male Perspective of Growing Old” series is slated for television premiere on Detroit Public Television, as a special seven-part series, including footage not seen in the film premiere. Dates and times soon to be announced. 

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