Eric Paskel

Eric Paskel is a licensed marriage, family and child therapist, a certified
sports counselor and a certified yoga instructor. He has taught tens of
thousands of yoga classes, trained hundreds of people to teach yoga and
leads retreats and workshops throughout the world. Eric began a life of
introspection in 1986 when he committed to overcoming his addictions and
personal challenges.

Simultaneous to creating a widely healing, popular, and unique style of
yoga, Eric spent nearly two decades in private practice as a marriage and
family therapist, speaking at academic and religious institutions, hospitals
and treatment centers. He guides people toward breaking addictions, building
effective communication skills, treating anxiety and depression, and
strengthening families and relationships.

In 2004, he opened the doors of the first Yoga Shelter in West Bloomfield,
Michigan, and has continued opening a studio a year ever since - serving more
than 1 million students and counting.

Eric is the founder of Sanga Yoga, which he describes as “the practice of
improving our relationship with the world, so that we may carry ourselves
through life with peace and prosperity.” He describes Sanga Yoga as a
communal yoga practice in which members encourage and nurture one another’s growth. Through the practice of Sanga Yoga, students learn to quiet the chatter in their minds and activate their body so they are restored to their
original, divine state by developing their intellect.

I am fortunate to be able to call Eric a great friend. His interview will be
insightful, enlightening and just damn to the point. Stay tuned.