Robert Nichol


When you reflect on the Vietnam War, depending on your age, will depend on how it touch you.  Some remember a turbulent time in America that would become the basis for free love, civil rights, drugs, rock and roll and Motown. 

But for the men who walked the jungles of Vietnam as part of the infantry, it’s an emotional reminder of a very different world they lived in.

For Robert Nichols, a highly decorated Vietnam veteran and Naples resident, these days haunt him still as he is faced with the reality of his prostate cancer.

Robert sat and shared with us what it was like finding out he had an advanced stage of prostate cancer and what it was like to have Agent Orange dripping from the trees onto them while he and his fellow soldiers were in the jungles.

He also took us sailing, which is one of his great passions now that he is a permanent resident of Naples.

We thank Robert and Michelle for allowing us to step into their lives.