In May of 2014 I stood in the OR room of Gift of Life of Michigan as Jimmy Williams offered up his organs as a donor should his life end unexpectedly.

Unfortunately, this was exactly what happened. We filmed this very real and touching story for our series "The Embrace of Dying: How We Deal with the End of Life.”

This past week just little over a year since that filming with Jimmy we were able to travel to York Pennsylvania to the home of Luther and Joann Garber.

Luther was the truly very lucky one to get a second chance at life; you see Luther is the person walking around with Jimmy Williams’ heart beating in his chest.

The hour long, very personal interview took us through the history of Luther's several close calls with his own passing due to his heart disease. One thing that stood out very clearly, this is a love story about a man and woman who have endured so much to stay together on this planet.

As Luther told us trying to hold back tears, “I owe my donor and his family so much. I thank God every morning I wake up.”

We are sure this segment in our series and film will help all of us remember just how precious life is.