May 2014 was an important time for Eric Ramsey. Up until that time, now at 36, Eric was confined to the four walls of his home with his wife and daughter.  Eric could not see because of an eye disease that runs in his family.

However, thanks to his University of Michigan eye doctor, Eric would become a candidate for a cornea eye transplant through Eversight Michigan. This is where Eric's life and his donor's life, which ended in May 2014, would converge.

We had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Eric and learn just how much this personal decision to receive this gift of sight meant.

"Trying to hold back tears," said Eric, "you have no idea what this has meant to me and my family. I have my life back. I want them to know how thankful I am."

We are certain this episode that will be featured in our series, The Embrace of Dying, how we deal with the end of life, will be both emotionally and inspirational.