Hollywood Museum - Historic Max Factor Building
Hollywood, CA

Donelle Dadigan is the proud owner of the four-story Hollywood Museum in Hollywood.
The museum is just around the corner from the famed Hollywood Walk of Fame and Groms Chinese Theatre.  Clearly this has to be the most impressive collection of Hollywood memorabilia.

We were not there to gaze upon actual set props from Star Wars to Indiana Jones or the many other historical collections dating back to early filmmaking. Instead, we spent most of our time in the Dungeon of Doom, the lower level. We wanted to document Hollywood's fascination with death, dying and the afterlife.

This several hours of filming will be part of the first episode for "The Embrace of Dying" series, which will debut this fall on Detroit Public Television in Michigan.

We thank Donelle and all of the staff at the museum.

If ever in Los Angeles, you need to carve out a couple of hours to tour this truly impressive collection. thehollywoodmuseum.com.