Merkle Funeral Home


Brian Merkle and Merkle Funeral Home in Monroe, MI have been caring for families since 2007. Monroe County is, by far, one of Michigan's most patriotic communities, home of the famed General Custer statue, which sits in downtown by the River Raisin in Monroe.

Over the years, Brian has laid to rest many veterans from America's wars. One very close to him was St. Michael Ingram, who died in the line of duty on April 17, 2010 while on patrol in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Brian, in his sit-down interview, reflected on how the entire community of Monroe had stopped what they were doing on that day of Sgt. Ingram's funeral so they could be present for the somber laying to rest ceremony.

We are sure Brian's thoughts on the importance of military funerals will be important to our series The Embrace of Dying, how we deal with the end of life.