Bob Lewis, Vice President
Investment Associate
Kulhavi Wealth Management Team
Merrill Lynch

We heard it: death and taxes - two items we are sure of in our lifetime. When we take our final breath, ready or not, there is no going back and writing those wrongs in our lives. The wishful times we had hoped would last forever with loved ones, sometimes is gone in an instant.

What is left is the memory for those family members to share. Moments of special times they can cling onto. And, oh yes, let's not forget the financial responsibility of what you left behind.

Recently we met with Mr. Bob Lewis, one of the elite members of the Kulhavi Wealth Management Team at Merrill Lynch. Bob outlined for us what might be one of the most important segments in our 13-part series "The Embrace of Dying: How We Deal with the End of Life.”

Mr. Lewis carefully went over the five items everyone should consider, whether they're extremely wealthy, middle class or in-between. I won't go into the detail of each of these as they were laid out by this seasoned investment professional, but I will list them for you.

1. Get Organized
2. Simplify
3. Codify your plan
4. Role players
5. Introductions.

I am certain when this episode airs, the viewing audience will be quick to making notes for their own personal life. I know I did.

Thank you Bob and the Kulhavi team for sharing this invaluable information. Now it's up to us to do the work, which Bob explained will only enhance family relationships for years to come

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