Diversity in the Funeral Business

As we’ve documented Wayne State University Student Jilliann Rutherford through her journey and studies as a mortuary science student, we’ve had opportunities to experience interesting classes and meet very intriguing people.

But none quite like Police Chaplain James A. Friedman.

Friedman, who is member of the St. Clair Shores Police Department, was a guest speaker at the mortuary science school. He exploded into a diverse and spirited discussion about everything from his personal life to his calling as a chaplain for his brothers of the police department.

“The police department is a subculture of society,” he boasted. “You, as funeral directors, are also a subculture of society.”

With a presentation focused on diversity, Freidman covered the topics of working with different kinds of personalities and, of course, working with different cultures.

Freidman also discussed his own experiences with funeral directors, both the good and the bad. He explained to the class how important their roles in the community will be when they graduate and become funeral directors, and how they will make a difference in the many lives that they will touch.

Freidman tackled these heavy topics with massive doses of both humor and energy, that had the students engaged and smiling throughout his two-hour long discussion.

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