William Buhlman, author/spiritual teacher/professional
Monroe Institute

Why are we here and where do we go?  Is the end the end?  These are deep questions that the, now, 63-year old Bill Buhlman had pondered as a young college student. This set him off on a journey that led him to become one of the nation's most well respected author's on out-of-body experiences.

Mr. Buhlman has written several books over the years, from Adventures Beyond the Body, The Secret of the Soul, and Adventures in the Afterlife.

We had the extraordinary opportunity to sit down with Bill in the home of good friend Art Roffey, Ph.D., who is a licensed psychologist and founder of Innervision, P.C. and Gail Danto, who is an active supporter of Jewish hospice in Michigan, both of which have traveled and studied extensively on the subject of living one’s life, knowing we must all die one day.

Our two-hour discussion with Bill enabled us to openly talk about the real value in out of body travel.  Bill helped us understand just how far back this practice goes and how ancient cultures would use these methods in everyday life, as well as helping individuals prepare for their passing on.

The insightful discussions took us back to the 1960’s where Bill was able to articulate how the baby boomers today in the 60’s and 70’s wanted more answers “they are not content with just growing old and dying, they want to know where they’re going.”

This is the same mindset that changed the direction of America during those turbulent, freedom of speech, music influenced times.

One of the most important topics we discussed was about grief and how Bill feels that too much grief for too long can hold back the loved one from fully moving on.

In addition to his fascination with afterlife, Bill was kind enough to share his personal experience and fight with tonsil cancer, a disease he was diagnosed with two or three years ago and is just coming up on two years post-treatment. The bout with cancer certainly prompted the writing of his last book, Adventures in the Afterlife. There is no question that Bill will be a great asset to our series on death and dying.

To read more about Bill and his book please go to http://www.astralinfo.org