St. Christopher's Hospice

St. Christopher’s Hospice was founded by Dame Cicely Saunders in 1967. We were again joined by Dottie Deremo, the CEO of Hospice of Michigan, as she spoke with medical director Dr. Nigel Sykes. Dr. Sykes had the pleasure of working with Dame Cicely for more than twenty years.  The principles that the hospice center was founded on are just as strong today as they were upon their origin.

We also sat down with Rev. Dr. Andrew Goodhead, the spiritual care lead for St. Christopher's. He shared his thoughts on the institution as well as what it is like working with hospice patients.

This was an amazing opportunity to travel with Dottie to London for this film.  Without question, hospice is something that is important to our documentary series The Embrace of Dying.  The conversation of death is something that we have put off in western culture.  What hospice strives for is for families to have that conversation so that we can make the end of life process a better one overall. It improves the quality of the ailing individual’s life and helps alleviate stress within the families.

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