Maire’s visit to the Holocaust Memorial Center

The path that brought us to the Holocaust Memorial Center in Farmington Hills all started when Maire was in my office looking through a book I had on Auschwitz.  Maire is a very sensitive and bright young lady whose goal in life is to become a nurse. She asked me about the holocaust. “How could this happen?  Why did they keep their clothes?”  So we had a deep discussion about those terrible years that affected so many lives.

In our years of documentary filmmaking, I have toured Auschwitz as well as Mydonic.  I have filmed with several holocaust survivors.  I told Maire about a museum dedicated to the holocaust in Farmington Hills called Holocaust Memorial Center and asked her if she would like to tour it.  I contacted Rabbi Bunny Friedman to see if he would like to join us and give a tour of the museum with Maire.

Before we started the tour, co-executive producer Tom Rau, Henrietta and Alvin met us in front of the infamous box car.

Holocaust survivor, Henrietta Weisberg, can still vividly remember her time as a young girl with her sister when they were traveling to Mydonic concentration camp from their home in Warsaw.  It’s here she would lose her mother Sara, father Israel and brothers Robin and Hershel.

Now 84-year old Henrietta and her husband, Alvin, took the time to come meet Maire Kent, a caner patient.  They explained why they support the Holocaust Memorial Center.  Henrietta and Alvin sponsored the box car that now sits in the center.

Henrietta, a cancer survivor, told Maire her story as a young girl.  She also shared with Maire her own fight with cancer. She made it very clear in these words: “God damn it, you have to fight.  Don’t give up; life is too precious.”

We were all moved by the special energy in the air as these two ladies talked openly about their lives.  We thank Henrietta and Alvin for their time they spent with us and Maire.

The Tour

The tour was lead by tour guide Lori Weisberg, along with Rabbi Bunny.  It was clear by the end of t he day Maire had a much better understanding of the holocaust as well as a glimpse into the Jewish faith.

We thank Rabbi Bunny, the Weisbergs and the Holocaust Memorial Center for allowing us to film there for our series The Embrace of Dying, how we deal with the end of life.

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