Dr. Raymond Moody - Afterlife Awareness Conference

When you hear of highly intellectual individuals there is usually a stereotype involved. A person who holds himself or herself to a higher standard than the rest of us. They may look down on others who are not up to their level of intelligence. They may explain things in ways that the average person may just not understand. Dr. Raymond Moody defies that stereotype. He is engaging, entertaining, thoughtful and an extremely passionate person. The sharing of knowledge is very important to him.

After sitting with Dr. Moody for five minutes we were on the edge of our seat deeply enthralled with listening to him speak. That the term “after life” is a contradiction of itself. It’s something that defies explanation.

His first book “Life after Life” touched millions about the idea of what happens when we die. He is credited with coining the term “near death experience,” or NDE. He has continued to research and has even coined the newest term “shared death experience.”

In the hour that we had the honor to talk with Dr. Moody we discussed astrology, his first love in life, philosophy, Plato, the afterlife and death. It was one of those occasions where sixty minutes feels like five.

This remarkable individual provided us with not only a tremendous interview but also some new thoughts for the series. We look forward to meeting with him again.

For more on Dr. Moody and his work, visit http://www.lifeafterlife.com/.