Suzane Northrop - Afterlife Awareness Conference

“I have to tell you up front, electrical equipment and me don’t get along. If your batteries die or cameras screw up I’m just warning you now.”

Suzane Northrop is one of the nation’s most well respected psychic mediums; she was a featured presenter at the Afterlife Awareness Conference in 2013. In sitting with her for an interview she was what you would consider a typical New Yorker. Very talkative, confident and self-assured, she was as entertaining during her interview as she was in her demonstration.

Her warning about issues with our equipment had us a little nervous but fortunately we avoided any issues. As she discussed her communications with the deceased she did so in a way that you could see how genuine of a person that she is. According to her what connects us all is “Love.” That is the bridge between the living and the dead and why they contact us. Some of us get it rather quickly. Others need to be “hit over the head because they’re a little slow,” she said.

If you have a chance to see Suzane in person you should consider it. Being in the audience when she starts communicating with the once living it is unlike any experience that you can think of. Many thanks to Suzane for being a part of what was a memorable weekend.

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