Third Annual Afterlife Awareness Conference 2013

You know that death and conversations about dying have come a long way in western culture when there is a conference designed around it. Terri Daniel, the event organizer, is a woman who is clearly on a mission. In 2006 she lost her teenage son and has since maintained communication with him. She is a transition guide and works personally with others to help them understand what happens when we leave the physical world.  She was able to bring this all together and has watched as it continues to grow.

This year’s conference took place in St. Louis Missouri June 21st – 23rd, with the idea that it was in the middle of the country to make it easier for everyone to attend. Attendees came from all around the country to participate in a loving and potentially life-altering event. The main purpose behind the conference according to Dr. Raymond Moody who was one of the featured speakers is that it is an opportunity to “discuss death and dying from the perspectives of spirituality, bereavement and scientific investigation.” With leading experts in all fields the event was a success.

Convention goers ranged from those who are grieving, hospice workers, people doing new research as well as current experts. It was a gathering of open minds and hearts. People had the opportunity to sit in at workshops with mediums, shamans, scientists, whomever the wished upon registration.  Grief counseling, connecting with loved ones and enjoying dinner and listening to wonderful keynote speeches were among the opportunities available.  There was even a live demonstration by celebrity medium Suzane Northrop on Saturday night that would make the most skeptical person think twice.

Among the other presenters along with Suzane and Dr. Moody were Dr. Ken Doka, Dr. Eben Alexander and Linda Fitch and more. These are all individuals who are working to make death and dying something that we embrace as opposed to something that we fear.

We were joined by Maire Kent on this trip as well. She came for her own reasons and left with new friends and an open heart. You can read more about Maire’s journey here

Those who went also had a chance to purchase video of the keynotes or even audio recordings from the sessions that they liked thanks to Backcountry Recording. There were many who jumped at that opportunity as well.

In a weekend dedicated to what most people in the west are afraid of – death – there was more life there and love than anything present. It was a refreshing experience for all of those in attendance and made major impacts on the lives of some. Terri Daniel and the board who helped make this conference come to be are proud people today. Next years conference in Portland, Oregon promises to be an even greater success than this year’s.

Special thanks to Terri Daniel for allowing us bring to be a part of the event with our cameras to share this story as part of our documentary series.