Maire Kent is a wonderful person who is going through the unthinkable with grace and dignity. Maire is a key figure in our series and has carved out a special place in our hearts. To show our gratitude we are trying to give her special memories that make everyday a little more special.

Thursday June 6th the MotorCity Casino Hotel assisted us in making that possible. They were able to coordinate a special visit with David Spade who was in town with his stand-up comedy routine. The actor/comedian was gracious to give a few minutes before the show to meet with Maire and even gave her a special gift, a Detroit Tigers jersey that he was given by the team earlier that day.

The night was filled with smiles and laughs that would not have been possible without the caring hearts of the staff at the MotorCity Casino Hotel, VP of Entertainment Bill Borenstein, and of course the very funny and humble David Spade.  The show was memorable for all of us, especially Maire.

We look forward to continuing the journey with Maire.