Maire Kent, 23-year old Sarcoma cancer patient

Maire is one of those people that when you meet, you are drawn in by her sense of humor and warm personality.  We have been filming with Maire and her doctors at the University of Michigan for some time.
Maire is battling a rare form of cancer called cardiac sarcoma.  In Maire’s case, this cancer has attached itself to Maire’s heart.

As with any chemotherapy treatment, Maire has had to deal with losing her hair, loss of appetite, nausea and the swelling of her legs, diagnosed as edema.  Her doctor, Monika Leja, is one of the nation’s very few cardio oncologists, along with Dr. Rashmi Chugh have made it their mission to try to find a way to shrink the tumor so Maire can be a possible candidate for a highly specialized heart surgery procedure.

This journey Maire is on has forced her to look at life with uncertainty.  Maire’s courage to allow us to document her very personal story is remarkable.

We will continue to follow Maire, stepping in and out of her life.