David Techner, Funeral Director, Ira Kaufman Chapel, Southfield, MI


As a funeral director of one of Michigan’s most well known funeral homes, you can imagine that when you’re greeted at a social event, people may veer away from you. The thought of having an undertaker who’s been in the business for some forty years thinking about what size coffin you may fit in while in conversation may make you nervous.  David openly jokes about these types of conversations.

David is such a humble and caring professional who so often will go to the home of the deceased to talk the family through funeral arrangements for their loved ones.  David embodies a sense of calmness and compassion, which is what you would want from a funeral director.

Besides his professional demeanor, David is also a nationally recognized speaker who quite often is asked to talk to children about death and dying.
This special talent helps kids understand why a grandparent died.  This is so important in today’s world.

We are thrilled to have David a part of our film about dying.